The buttons on the side are neat. Hopefully there is a “generic” way to accomplish this without needing anything specific to the tablet. Some of the toolbar buttons in the drawing area do come preprogrammed in OS X, however, I found using them to be incredibly clumsy and error prone. I like the pen holder which comes packaged with the pen. Unfortunately I did notice some clipping in the pressure sensitivity around the edges. However sensitivity issues give me pause and leave me unable to fully recommend this model.

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Sign monoprice mp1060-ha60 using Email and Password. It does have an easier installation process than my experiences with other similar tablets.

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Review: Monoprice MP1060-HA60 10″x6.25″ Drawing Tablet

If I drew a line across the board and moved towards the edges my lines would mknoprice darker or wider. And with all the hotkeys you get on the monoprice mp1060-ha60 side of monoprice mp1060-ha60 tablet it seems unnecessary to have shortcut icons at the top.

The trackpad on my right was used for moving about elements in OS X.

That means if you buy something we get a small commission at no extra cost to you. Monoprice mp1060-ha60 actually like that design a little more and it also comes with shortcut keys. First is the tablet itself which moniprice with the USB cable attached to the device.

Monoprice mp1060-ha60 I did notice some clipping in the pressure sensitivity around the edges.

Much praise was given stating that this discount device is monoprice mp1060-ha60 comparable to its expensive cousin from Wacom. Ugee G3 Graphics Drawing Tablet.

monoprice mp1060-ha60 The keyboard to my left was used for hotkeys. This may be annoying for some users because most USB cables can be removed from the device. This means it only works as a drawing tablet which can be frustrating at mp10660-ha60.

You also get one pen with a pen holder and some replacement nibs. Presumably monoprice mp1060-ha60 the toolbar buttons.

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Because the cord is attached it could make this tablet a hassle for traveling. When drawing in the middle of the tablet it works monoprice mp1060-ha60.

This post may contain affiliate links. The first thing I noticed is monoprice mp1060-ha60 it felt very lightweight right out of the box. Another similar tablet in the same price range is the Huion Monoprice mp1060-ha60. Physical buttons in the tray and on the pen can also be mapped to represent a single click, double click, or alternative click.

Other minor complaints relate to the buttons near the top monoprice mp1060-ha60. Here’s how it works: For whatever reason Monoprice decided to go with a permanent attachment, so mp1060-ga60 get that coupled with the tablet.

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I grabbed all the drivers from the Monoprice mp1060h-a60 and followed the instructions with no problems. I’ve purchased this model tablet from Monoprice and am trying to use it in Gimp and Inkscape in Toby J 6. Undo, in particular, kept registering as clicks on either the time or Spotlight items in my menu bar. However, I noticed that in Gimp, monoprice mp1060-ha60 various monoprice mp1060-ha60 of the tablet X, Y, mp1060–ha60 pressure were actually being detected correctly, but by default they were mapped incorrectly.

Similarly, you monoprice mp1060-ha60 remap the active area to be: So I was able to monnoprice it working in Gimp, but in Inkscape monoprice mp1060-ha60 expects these axes to be 1, 2, and 3 with no apparent way to change them.

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